Membership of the Nigerian Association of Evaluators (NAE) is open to individuals, institutions, organisations or corporations. There are six different type of membership offered by the association and the include individual membership, associate membership, student membership, fellows, honorary membership, and institutional membership. Click here to apply to become a member.

Please READ the bye-law guiding membership of the association.

Membership Process

Individual membership is open to all evaluation practitioners and evaluation specialists who pledge to abide by the vision, objectives and mission of the organization.
To become an individual member, you should have a recognized academic or professional qualifications including;
1. Training and or education in Monitoring & Evaluation (e.g. Higher Education in M&E or related discipline) Or,
2. A Higher Education qualification (degree or HND) with a minimum of 2 years’ practice in Monitoring & Evaluation
Associate membership is open to persons who have:
Attended a Monitoring & Evaluation Conference, Webinar, Seminar, etc.;
Shown commitment to the ideal of the Association AND,
Recommendation from a full member in good standing

Any student registered in a post-secondary education institution with interest in/pursuing a career in evaluation.

fellowship of the Association is open to any individual who is or has:
i.  A specialist in Monitoring & Evaluation,
ii.  Undertaken research and/or training and produced relevant knowledge
iii.  A minimum of 10 years’ practice in Monitoring & Evaluation
iv.  Made outstanding contribution to the growth and development of Monitoring & Evaluation in the country, region or world.

All intending Fellow shall apply for fellowship. Individual fellowships shall be determined annually by the body of Fellows and approved by the Governing Council.

Honorary membership shall be conferred on individuals and/or institutions that have made outstanding contributions to the development of evaluation in the country or globally. Members may nominate or recommend individuals or institutions for an Honorary membership. Such nominations or recommendations shall be subject to approval by the Governing Council. An Honourary member/institution shall not be required to pay registration fees or annual subscriptions.

Two types of institutional memberships are obtainable: Full and Associate memberships.

Full Institutional membership is open to public, private institutions and non- governmental organisations/agencies which have in-house capacity to undertake evaluation.

Associate Institutional Membership is open to institutions or organizations which support development activities, and/or are interested in developing evaluation capacity and culture but do not have relevant capacity within their institutions or organizations.

An institution or agency can become a member of the association upon application, approval and payment of registration and/or membership fees. Nominated staff of the institution shall be recognized members under the umbrella of the institution and will only have one institutional vote on behalf of the institution and shall not vote as individuals unless they have individual membership as well.

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