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We are a membership based not-for-profit, non-political, non- religious organisation created in 2017 to promote the practice of evaluation in Nigeria.

We are a community of evaluators promoting and advocating professionalism, in the practice and use of monitoring and evaluation in Nigeria. Our day to day activities is run by executive officers, committees, and volunteers.

We envision an inclusive, equitable, diverse and credible association that promotes professionalism, institutionalization, in the research, practice, training and use of evaluation in Nigeria.


Evaluators Program

In the last two years, we have curated a growing membership of over 300 evaluators that are championing the best practice of evaluation across Nigeria and around the world.

Volunteer Program

Volunteer opportunities range from event organization to fundraising . You will learn skills, while helping us to promote the practice of evaluation. If you have time to give and the commitment to bring about change, contact us at

Charity Fund

We cannot do this alone. We need your financial support. To provide training for evaluators, work on special projects, and organize happy hours.


Provide an umbrella platform for individual evaluators and communities of evaluators for strengthening the professionalisation of evaluation practice in

Establish and maintain partnerships, cooperation, collaboration and/or affiliation with international evaluation organisations and agencies interested in Evaluation

Build consensus on and promote a code of ethics and standards for evaluation practice in Nigeria in compliance with International best

Support evaluation research and studies that build the knowledge base and inform policy and practice

Advocate for evaluation demand and proper use, development and practice in Nigeria, through institutionalization of a culture of evaluation in public, private and civil society organisations

Provide a coordinating and regulatory body for evaluation practitioners.

Awarding annual prizes for outstanding contributions to the study of the theories, methodology and practice of evaluation;

Awarding scholarships to individuals studying, or wishing to study, the theories, methodology and practice of evaluation;

Carrying out or assisting in the carrying out of research into the theories, methodology and practice of evaluation and to disseminate the useful results of that research;

Organizing or making grants towards the cost of others organizing meetings, lectures, conferences, broadcasts or courses of instruction;

Providing or procuring the provision of counselling and guidance in furtherance of the objects of the Association or any of them;

Producing, publishing and distributing (whether gratuitously or not) or to make grants towards the cost of others producing, publishing or distributing material in any form including, but not limited to books, pamphlets, reports, journals, films, tapes, video tapes or programmes that may be deemed desirable for the promotion of the objects of the Association or for the purpose of informing contributors and others of the needs or progress of the Association and

Engaging in other necessary Monitoring &Evaluation related activities not expressly mentioned above.

We need your financial support to provide training for evaluators, work on special projects, and organize happy  hours. To support the work we do, kindly email or donate any amount to our bank account – Account Name: Nigerian Association of Evaluators;
Bank Name: First Bank Plc
Account Number: 2033914864

We are happy to always hear from you. Don’t be shy, reach out to us!

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Nigerian Association of Evaluators